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Fantasy Flight Previews Movement in Star Wars 2nd Edition

One of the things people noticed when Fantasy Flight started posting previews of the new 2nd edition materials for the X-Wing Miniatures Game was that the maneuver dials looked different. There were a lot more possible choices on them, and instead of green, white, and red, we got blue, white, and red. So, what does the color change mean, and is there more that's changed? In this preview, we get a look.

From the post:

The Star Wars galaxy is home to a diverse array of starfighters, each with its own capabilities and specifications that make it unique. Fundamental to every X-Wing ship’s identity is its unique maneuver dial that determines what maneuvers a ship can perform when it's activated. Whether you fly your ship in a gentle bank, a tight turn, or a daring Tallon Roll, every ship has its own ways of setting up attacks—or staying out of harm’s way—that shape how it approaches every battle.

Fittingly, a number of ships releasing at the launch of X-Wing Second Edition have revised maneuver dials that give them new life in X-Wing Second Edition, beginning with the T-65 X-wing. This iconic fighter becomes a bit more maneuverable in second edition—the speed-two bank maneuvers on the T-65’s dial are now blue, which means this maneuver can be used to remove stress from the ship. More importantly, the T-65’s dial gains speed-three Tallon Rolls and its action bar gains the barrel roll icon, giving it plenty of options for getting enemy ships into its line of fire.