Fantasy Flight Previews Lion Clan for Legend of the Five Rings

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Jun 15th, 2017

Many people are looking forward to the release of the new edition of Legend of the Five Rings, coming from Fantasy Flight this Gen Con. The game had quite a few followers, and many are wondering what this new iteration will be like. They had their favorite clans and want to see what the updated versions will be like. Well, in this preview, the Lion Clan is getting the spotlight.

From the website:

With the largest standing military in Rokugan, few can stand up to the pure might of the Lion Clan. As the right hand of the emperor, the Lion live, breathe, and die for the Emerald Empire. Throwing themselves into glorious battle, the Lion clan dominates their foes with staggering military might.

Today, we’re previewing the Lion Clan in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. With their fierce Bushi, the Lion look to overwhelm their opponents with pure numbers to break through their provinces and prove their superiority.


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  • Hunnie Tana

    Something to look forward to playing before I finally get to play Mantis again <3

    • hvedhrungr

      Is it even a given that the Mantis will return in the form that we know them? With the huge backtrack in the timeline, FF are free to change whatever they like in Rokugani history.
      Also, as unfortunate as it is, it seems that FF are intent to repeat the missteps of the (AEG’s) past: The Lion appear ridiculously overpowered with the cards shown. I get that in order to take full advantage of these cards, you’d have to purchase three core sets. But building a deck around the synergies shown almost guarantees an offensive victory. I don’t imagine playing a defensive military strategy on the part of Crab or Dragon will make much of a difference (and I remember Dragon shenanigans like affecting attack order of infantry and cavalry, reactive duelling and switching honor and glory around).
      In the end, I suppose this first iteration of the LCG will effectively end up with Phoenix, Crane and Lion going for top spot in their respective arenas, Scorpion doing the obvious thing of turning strengths into weaknesses and assassinating powerful characters, while Crab, Dragon and Unicorn/lesser Clans/Ronin/nonhumans can contend with being part of the scenery.
      Although I don’t surmise Unicorn will be part of the scenery given the timeline.