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Fantasy Flight Previews Imperial Figures for Twin Shadows

The first big expansion box for Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games takes you to the hot, dry, and dangerous streets of Mos Eisley. How dangerous are they? Well, Han Solo's gone missing and the Rebellion is out looking for one of their most-important members. Meanwhile, the Empire has always had a bit of influence in the dusty streets, trying to bring them to (their version of) order. In this new preview, FFG gives us a look at what Imperial players can look forward to inside this new set.

Heavy Stormtrooper

Stormtroopers are the go-to resource for Imperial commanders. They're the "boots on the ground" soldiers who make up the bulk of the Empire's fighting force. Though sometimes just a regular blaster carbine isn't enough to get the job done. That's where the Heavy Stormtroopers step in. They're there to come in and sit down on any fleeing Rebel to make sure they don't go anywhere. *gets a note and reads it* I apologize. It would seem as though Heavy Stormtroopers are not actually Hutts that were placed in white armor, but instead are Stormtroopers trained to use larger, heavier weaponry and sturdier armor than their rank-and-file counterpart. Though slower, these troopers pack a punch and can take one as well.

Tusken Raider

It's not just off-worlders that can bring trouble for the Rebels in Twin Shadows. Anyone that's spent any length of time on Tattooine knows about Tusken Raiders (or "sand people" if you like). These desert dwellers may be frightened easily, but they almost always come back in greater numbers. While they don't have any of the fancy-shmancy technology of a Stormtrooper, their hard desert life has given them a ruggedness that translates well to the fights that might break out around them. They excel in weakening an opponent, making the fight much easier in the long-run.

That does it for this preview. Next one, we'll get a look at on of Star Wars' most popular characters (even though he doesn't really do all that much in the movies), Boba Fett.