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Fantasy Flight Previews Hired Guns Expansion for Imperial Assault

While the Empire certainly has quite a large military with which it can use to subjugate the galaxy, sometimes they don't want to expend official assets on a mission (whether due to the nature of the operation, or maybe you don't have any soldiers with the right equipment or training right on-hand, or whatever). In such times, the Empire will call on mercenaries and bounty hunters to get the job done. Such is the case with the Hired Guns expansion pack for Imperial Assault.

Hired Guns Contents

Hired Guns may not be the most elite troops on the field, but they're not that expensive, either. So you can put them out there and just let them soak up some blaster fire or lightsaber swings from the enemy. The pack comes with two minis, as well as several ability cards, equipment cards, and some new scenarios for gameplay (as FFG tends to do with their expansions).

Pre-orders are being taken now.