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Fantasy Flight Previews Heroic Abilities From Realms of Terrinoth Book for Genesys RPG

Fantasy Flight Games gives you lots of different ways to experience the Terrinoth setting. They've got Runewars. They've got Runebound. They've got Legacy of Dragonholt. Soon, you'll have yet another way to get involved. They'll be releasing the Realms of Terrinoth book for their Genesys RPG system. In this preview, see what you'll be able to do that makes your characters stand out from all the other people of the world.

From the post:

Only the bravest dare to call themselves heroes in the dangerous lands of Mennara. Once, long ago, mighty heroes stood against evil and disaster. They are gone now, and though some have emerged to take their place, it is not enough. Heroes are needed now more than ever, or Mennara shall be lost forever. These heroes will have to use wit, courage, and extraordinary abilities if they hope to stand a chance of surviving this deadly world.

This rich fantasy setting, ripe for adventure, awaits you in Realms of Terrinoth, a new campaign setting sourcebook for the Genesys Roleplaying System! set in the world of Descent, Runewars, Legacy of Dragonholt, and more!

Join us today as we preview Heroic Abilities, a new mechanic found in Realms of Terrinoth, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy from your local retailer or our website today!