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Fantasy Flight Previews Heroes and Villains Pack for Star Wars Armada

Star Wars Armada breaks away from the one-on-one dogfights of X-Wing and puts everything on a much grander scale. However, that certainly doesn't mean that the iconic starfighters of the Star Wars universe have to be left out. The base game already comes with flight stands of various fighter squadrons, but what if you want to use some of the special ships that were featured in the movies and extended universe? Well, that's where the Heroes and Villains pack comes in. And that's what we've got a preview of.

Some of the ships feature some new keywords. Rogue allows the fighter to move and attack in the same round (usually they have to pick one or the other). Grit allows the fighter to keep moving if only engaged with one enemy. Meanwhile, Intel can give enemy ships Heavy, so your other fighters can head right past them.

Certainly there's a lot of new tactics that will be created via all these new ships hitting the star-fields.