Fantasy Flight Previews General Veers Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

General Veers is probably my favorite character from Star Wars. For all the series tells us that the Empire is cold, ruthless, and efficient, it’s at the battle of Hoth that we finally really see it. Veers commands that battle brilliantly, taking out key parts of the Rebel’s base and causing a rather quick and panicked evacuation for the forces stationed there. Soon, he’ll be able to bring that to your tabletops in Star Wars: Legion.

From the preview:

Imperial troops are known across the galaxy for their great discipline, marching without hesitation into the thick of battle. Rather than being an inherent trait, this discipline is ingrained in these troops by their commanders, and no one embodies the steely determination of the Imperial legions more than General Maximilian Veers.

During the Battle of Hoth, Veers led the Imperial ground assault on Echo Base with surgical precision, personally firing the shots that destroyed the Rebels’ main power generator. Soon, you’ll be able to install this cool and efficient commander at the head of your Imperial armies with the General Veers Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!