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Fantasy Flight Previews Fang Fighter For X-Wing

The headline for this article gets an F, obviously. Fantasy Flight is showing off the new Fang Fighter for X-Wing. While most of the populace only knows the Mandalorians by Boba and Jango Fett, there's much more to this warrior race. That includes a space force with the Fang Fighters as a major part of the armada.

From the post:

Mandalorians are some of the most feared warriors in the Star Wars galaxy. Forged by centuries of warfare, the Mandalorian culture has a distinct martial edge that reveres the glory of combat. Although virtually all Mandalorians are considered fearsome warriors, only the most elite among them are chosen to join the Journeyman Protectors and pilot the Fang Fighter. The ship’s advanced pivot wing technology grants it exceptional agility, allowing its pilots to pull off some daring maneuvers. And when X-Wing™ Second Edition launches on September 13, you can bring these intimidating fighters to the table as part of your Scum and Villainy squadrons with the Fang Fighter Expansion Pack!