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Fantasy Flight Previews Different Tones in Genesys

No, the headline doesn't mean that we're taking a look at the different bardic classes in the game. Here, tone refers to how the game comes across for players. Is it light-hearted and comedic? Is it dark and brooding? Is it gritty? When a system says that it's universal, it should be able to cater to all of these. But how does the game go about doing such? Well, take a look.

From the post:

A group of medieval adventures discover a town that cowers in terror with the rise of every full moon. High school students begin to realize their latent superpowers. A detective investigates an abandoned starship to discover the location of its missing crew.

Not only does the Genesys Roleplaying System allow you to craft an adventure in a variety of settings, the Core Rulebook introduces a variety of tones to augment these settings. Your adventures don’t just take place in a Fantasy setting, but Fantasy Horror, or a Sci-Fi Superhero Adventure. Focusing in on a specific tone can be a daunting task, but the Genesys Core Rulebook includes sections to help Game Masters out with rules and advice.

Today, Genesys Lead Designer Sam Stewart previews some of these tones and their unique rules found in the book to immerse your players in all kinds of adventures.