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Fantasy Flight Previews Command Cards For Star Wars: Legion

Without a coherent plan and a competent commander, even the best-trained and best-equipped troops will fall in battle. So, making sure your soldiers get the intel they need to know what their objectives are on the battlefield is important. And a commander choosing the best options as the battle flows along is also important. In this preview for Star Wars: Legion, Fantasy Flight shows off how the Command Cards work in the game and how you'll use them against your opponent.

From the post:

The grand strategies of war can be carefully planned—accounting for supply lines, maneuvering armies and armadas to apply maximum pressure, or painstakingly plotting a vital ambush. Still, even the greatest plans must alter—if not crumble—upon contact with the enemy. When the concussive blast of thermal detonators mixes with the hiss of blaster fire and brutal cries of melee combat, even veteran soldiers may struggle to remember orders and prioritize their objectives.

In your games of Star Wars™: Legion, you take on the gripping role of an infantry commander in the Star Wars universe, leading your troops and vehicles into battle on one of the countless unseen battlefields of the Galactic Civil War. Your forces are well trained and you know your objectives, but your army is not a machine that can respond instantaneously to every command. You’ll need to deliver orders to your troops to impose your will on the chaos of battle, and in today’s preview of Star Wars: Legion, we’ll look closer at command cards, ordering your troops, and how you’ll turn your greatest plans into action.