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Fantasy Flight Previews Combat in X-Wing 2nd Edition

All the fancy flying and pretty ships don't mean much if you aren't trying to blow your opponents out of the sky. X-Wing is getting a new edition, and many aspects of the game are being updated. But what about combat? How has that changed? In this preview, we get a look at exactly that and see how primary weapons, secondary weapons, turrets, and the Force all come together during these dog fights.

From the post:

Although they may be infinitesimal in comparison to capital ships, individual starfighters can make a huge difference in a space battle. After all, it was a lone T-65 X-wing fighter that destroyed the massive Death Star, scoring a major victory for the Rebel Alliance. In X-Wing Second Edition, you have the chance to enter a new era of space battles as you lead squadrons of these fighters into tense engagements.

Thus far, we’ve taken a look at the refinements that have been made to the game’s movement system, placing the emphasis on precisely maneuvering your ships into the perfect position. From there, we examined the actions you can pair with these movements to develop your overall strategy. But both the way you fly your ship and the actions you take with it are ultimately geared toward one goal: opening fire and eliminating enemy ships. Today, we’re pleased to offer a glimpse into combat in X-Wing Second Edition!