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Fantasy Flight Previews Blue Heroes For Spirit of Rebellion

The Light Side of the Force has plenty of powerful allies. The Jedi looked to keep peace and order across the galaxy. The Emperor almost wiped them out, but he missed a couple. You can't keep a good Jedi down too long, apparently. And you'll be able to bulk up your Star Wars: Destiny decks with some new blue heroes and abilities when Spirit of Rebellion comes out.

From the preview:

Those who embrace the way of the Force face a choice between the light and the dark. Villains harness the power of the Force for their own selfish desires, while Heroes vow to stand against evil, and defend the Spirit of Rebellion that brings balance to the galaxy.

Today, we’re looking at the Blue heroes in Spirit of Rebellion, the newest set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny. These spiritual warriors continue to be guided by the Force through manipulating dice, providing shields, and healing their wounds.