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Fantasy Flight Previews Battlefields in Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars is truly an interstellar setting. In the movies, we see swamp planets, desert planets, forest planets, ice planets, and all other manner of locations. As such, the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion can take place in just about any sort of environment you can imagine. But how do the rules for those different locations work in the game? What role will terrain take in the game? That's just what you get a look at here.

From the post:

Star Wars™: Legion is more than a miniatures game—it’s your gateway into the Star Wars galaxy. Through the medium of the cards, tokens, and miniatures on the battlefield that you create, you’re challenged to become the commander of an army at the height of the Galactic Civil War. You’ll lead your soldiers forward in countless unique battles, maneuvering your troops and delivering your orders to the best of your abilities.

In our last previews for Star Wars: Legion, we’ve already looked at the command system you’ll use to issue orders, as well as the game’s movement and combat. Still, every battle begins before you give your first orders. In your games of Star Wars: Legion, even defining the battlefield is a tactical struggle of wits between you and your opponent… and that’s the focus of our preview today!