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Fantasy Flight Previews AT-ST, T-47 For Star Wars: Legion

Along with the lightsabers and the star ships, the various vehicles of the Star Wars universe are just as iconic. The Battle of Hoth wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting if it weren't for the T-47s and their harpoons tripping the walkers. And the battle of Endor wouldn't be nearly as thrilling if there weren't the giant AT-STs maneuvering their way through the woods. Both of those are coming to Legion, and you can check out these previews to see how they'll be implemented.

In a game of Star Wars: Legion, an AT-ST holds the heavy rank—a rank that’s well suited to the AT-ST’s towering size and intimidating firepower. A standard Star Wars: Legion army can only include two heavy units, and in truth, you would be hard-pressed to include more than two AT-STs among your forces. Coming in at a base cost of 195 points, a single AT-ST takes up almost a quarter of your full allotment of 800 points in a standard game.


Like the AT-ST for the Imperial forces, the T-47 Airspeeder is a heavy unit—the first to become available to Rebel Alliance generals. These airspeeders were most famously used in the Battle of Hoth, using some unconventional tactics to foil the advancing Imperial walkers. Still, there’s no reason why you can’t transplant a few T-47 Airspeeders to other planets in your games of Star Wars: Legion.