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Fantasy Flight Previews 3 New Races From Unlimited Power

The Star Wars galaxy is filled with hundreds of different alien species. Each one has their own proclivities and abilities that they got from having evolved on their planet. The Star Wars RPG does its best to give you the ability to play any of those races, and each sourcebook usually has a couple you can use. In Unlimited Power, there's 3 new ones. We get a look at them here.

From the post:

The Force has always been a source of mystery. Infinitely powerful and impossibly vast, the enigma that is the Force has motivated the iconic characters in the Star Wars™ galaxy to not only attempt daring feats of heroism, but nefarious deeds of unfathomable evil. Ultimately though, it comes down to choice: do you champion the light or are you a servant of the dark? It’s the making of these choices that drives your characters in your Force and Destiny™ campaigns to commune with the energy that binds us all together. And while there are endless different ways to commune with the Force, the career in Force and Destiny that explores as many of those as possible is the Mystic. Unlimited Power gives Mystic players all-new options to expand your campaign.

In addition to three new Mystic specializations and a veritable hoard of gear, equipment, and vehicles, Unlimited Power showcases three new species, each of which is particularly skilled in the Force. The Thisspiasian, Tholothian, and Vurk offer three different ways of looking at the Force and each seems uniquely suited to the Mystic career.

Every living creature has a relationship with the Force, but in today's preview of Unlimited Power, we will highlight these three new races and their unique ties to the Force. You can pre-order your copy of Unlimited Power at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!