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Fantasy Flight Previews 3 New Races For Star Wars RPG From Disciples of Harmony

The Star Wars galaxy is filled with all manner of alien races. So why just stick with a couple of them for your games of the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight? That's no fun at all. Thankfully, they're always coming out with more playable rules for different races in their books. Disciples of Harmony is bringing you 3 new ones, and you get a look at them in this preview.

From the post:

There is no single path to peace, but the Galactic Empire has ensured that all such routes are fraught with danger. The Consular works with the Force to bring peace wherever they go, and the all-new Disciples of Harmony sourcebook expands players' options in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, including three new specializations and adding on three new species.

Although all it takes to be a successful Consular is a desire to see justice done, some species are more inclined to seek balance and peace in a way that lines up with the ways of the Consular. The Arkanian, Cosian, and Pau'an species are presented in Disciples of Harmony, opening your campaign to cultures focused on Jedi lore, negotiating, and medicine, each having a unique view of the Force.

Today's preview provides a look at each of these three species and how they play into the role of the Consular.