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Fantasy Flight Posts Updated E&C, FAQ for Star Wars: Armada

It's always important to make sure you and your opponent are on the same page when it comes to rules. It's also good to see that a company is supporting a game they make, wanting it to be as good and balanced as possible. If you're a Star Wars: Armada player, you'll want to check out the latest rules update, FAQ, and E&C that Fantasy Flight has just posted up.

From the announcement:

The latest version of the Star Wars™: Armada FAQ is now online! This update contains the usual streamlined rules, clarifications, new questions, and other minor changes that come with refining the rules. In addition, today’s update includes errata to a couple of cards that players should be sure to read about. Learn why these changes were made directly from the developers in the paragraphs below, and then download the new FAQ to see all the changes for yourself!