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Fantasy Flight Posts Interview With id Software's Sean Bean

I remember playing the original Doom video game at my neighbor's house. My friend had the game and we played all the time. You really could die pretty easily in it, and we very often did. That was good, of course, since it meant you weren't far from having your own turn playing. And who knows better about dying often than Sean Bean? He's been killed on-screen more than just about anyone... *gets a note* Wait... wrong Sean Bean. Ah well. This Sean Bean still knows about on-screen deaths, as he is with id Software, who created Doom. Fantasy Flight Games has a talk with him about that as well as the Doom board game.

From the article:

Inspired by the blockbuster video game franchise by id Software and Bethesda Softworks, DOOM®: The Board Game is a fast-paced combat adventure between Hell’s most vicious demons and the elite UAC Marines. You may take your place on either side of this bloody battle, battling to overtake the earthly realm as the Invader player or fighting to protect humanity as one of four hardened soldiers. Wherever your sights are set, you’re sure to face death and destruction on your path to victory, or you may even fall to the overwhelming power of your opponents. But that’s the fun of DOOM, isn’t it? Excessive force and unrestrained warfare.

To explore the development of DOOM: The Board Game and chat about its unique gameplay experience, we sat down with two major players in the development of both DOOM, the 2016 video game, and DOOM: The Board Game. As Lead Producer of the Single-Player Campaign for the video game, Sean Bean of id Software had some unique insights on how the tabletop game recreates key elements of the video game. We were also able to peek behind the curtain of development on the board game with some help from FFG producer Derrick Fuchs.