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Fantasy Flight posts A Preview of the Kihraxz Fighter Expansion Pack for X-Wing

The X-Wing is one of the most iconic starships of the Star Wars universe. Heck, it's the name of the game that Fantasy Flight made when they wanted to have starships fight one-another. In the Star Wars universe, several other starship manufacturers have tried to recreate the success Incom had with their T-65. The Black Sun crime organization also looked to have a ship made that would rival the X-Wing. That ship turned out to be the Kihrazx Fighter. It's coming to X-Wing and Fantasy Flight has posted up a preview.


The ships share a lot in the form of both of them being about the same points cost, having the same attack and defense values, having the same standard actions available to them, and both being able to take 5 damage. That's quite a lot, but there's also a lot that makes them very different on the battlefield (battleskies? battlespace?). The Maneuver Dial for the Kihraxz is made for speed. It doesn't have the low-speed maneuvers like the X-Wing does, but it has more at higher levels. They also differ in what upgrades they can take. Being part of the Scum & Villainy faction, the Kihraxz (does anyone know how to pronounce that?) can take illicit upgrades as well as missiles, as opposed to the X-Wing's torpedoes and astromech.

So while a quick glance might make people think, "Oh, it's just an X-Wing for S&V." The two ships are actually much further separated than that.

The figures are available for pre-order over in the FFG Webshop.