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Fantasy Flight Games unveils organized play and tourney rules for Dust Warfare

Fantasy Flight Games has unveiled their official organized play and tournament rules for Dust Warfare.

Dust Warfare is arriving to Gen Con Indy 2012 with the thunderous boom of cannon fire from hulking combat walkers! This year, amid the staccato reports of rifle fire and the bone-chilling growls of Axis gorillas, Gen Con Indy plays host to the first ever Dust Warfare North American Championship tournament.

After Gen Con Indy, fans can enjoy more Dust Warfare Organized Play opportunities as they prepare their armies for the intense battles of the Dust Warfare World Championships, scheduled to take place November 9th – 12th during the FFG World Championship Weekend, in Roseville, MN. The FFG World Championship Weekend is a hallmark event for Fantasy Flight Games, marking a forward leap in our Organized Play, and we have secured extra space in the same building as the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center, ensuring room and tables for all participants.