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Fantasy Flight Games Talks Army-Building in Star Wars: Legion

So, you've got your Vader and you've got your AT-ST and you've got your Speeder Bikes and you've got your Stormtroopers... but how do you turn that into an actual army in Star Wars: Legion? That's what we get a look at today from Fantasy Flight. They've posted up an article about how army building works in the game. And down at the bottom of the page, they've also got links to the Learn to Play guide as well as the Rules Reference. So there's that, too.

From the post:

Through the tabletop miniatures battles of Star Wars™: Legion, you have the chance to live out the greatest unsung battles of the Galactic Civil War. You can lead AT-STs stomping forward, firing massive barrages of lasers. You can send Rebel Troopers rushing forward out of trenches, led by Luke Skywalker. But before you ever fire a shot, you’ll need to assemble your soldiers into an army.

Across our series of previews for Star Wars: Legion, we’ve already taken a look at every aspect of gameplay, starting with the game’s challenging command system, and exploring movement, combat and morale, and establishing the battlefield. We gave in-depth previews of the game’s two factions—Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance—as well as the unique command cards that come with every commander in the game. Today, we turn our attention to how you’ll take the units and command cards in your faction and use them to create an army!

You can expand your army building possibilities from the very first day with the eight Star Wars: Legion expansions releasing simultaneously with the Core Set on March 22nd!