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Fantasy Flight Games Releases The Investigators of Arkham Horror

The powers of the Great Old Ones are... well... great. Those that look to undo their nefarious schemes must be strong as steel mentally, physically, and emotionally. Any less and you're left a gibbering waste or a red smear on the pavement. It takes a special kind of person to do it, and even those that are the best sometimes still end up wrecked. Best to get to know of them while you can, in case anything happens to them. And that's just what you can do with The Investigators of Arkham Horror, which is available now.

From the release:

Over the course of its beautifully illustrated 264 full-color pages, The Investigators of Arkham Horror immerses you in the action, terror, and mythos of the Arkham Horror Files setting. You'll find your favorite investigators thrust into action in a series of fifty-two short stories that serve as the backstory to your next Arkham Horror Files game.