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Fantasy Flight Games Releases The End of the World Zombie Apocalypse RPG

Fantasy Flight Games doesn't head to the "zombie apocalypse" well too often, so it's interesting to see when they do. This book is the first in their The End of the World line, which will be RPGs that focus on various ways, well... the world could end. Be it zombies or ancient gods or cosmic encounters, the books will pit PCs against the ruins of a dying world.
And by PCs, I really mean "you" since character creation is creating a stylized version of yourself in the game. Also, you come equipped with what you bring to the gaming session. (though I'm not sure I'd want to have my players actually carrying around baseball bats and knives if I'm about to run them through some terrible scenario as the DM... hmm...)

Anyway, the game's available now for you to try out and see if you and your players can survive.


From the website:

Can You Survive?

Most roleplaying games begin when you and your fellow players create characters to play as in the game. In Zombie Apocalypse and the other books of The End of the World line, you receive the unique invitation to play as yourself in the midst of the world’s apocalypse! Rather than playing an invented character, you play an abstracted version of yourself, using your own skills and talents as you attempt to survive the end of the world. We gave an example of what this kind of character creation looks like in our first preview of Zombie Apocalypse.

Your skills and talents aren’t the only things drawn from your own life and experience. Your gear and weapons are limited to whatever you may have near you when you begin the roleplaying session. Venturing out of your home to find additional weapons or supplies may be one of the first expeditions you must make – and it may also be one of the most dangerous.

The daily struggle for survival offers dozens of possibilities for adventure and conflict at the end of the world. Grocery stores or restaurants may be an adequate food source at first, but looters and other survivors will quickly deplete their stockpiles. Even finding clean water can be a struggle as the structures of society shut down one by one. Succeeding at these tasks would test anyone’s skills, and as we explored in our second preview, these tasks are handled with an elegant, narrative system that keeps the focus on the story.