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Fantasy Flight Games Releases Strongholds of Resistance Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG

I told you earlier that we'd have another Star Wars-related update from Fantasy Flight Games today. And I'm true to my word. They have released a new sourcebook for the Age of Rebellion era for the Star Wars RPG. This time around it's Strongholds of Resistance. Because a "weakhold" of resistance wouldn't really last all that long, would it?

As you would expect from the title of the book and the setting it takes place in, the book focuses on the various hidden Rebel bases spread throughout the galaxy. And it's not just the ones you know from the movies like Yavin or Hoth. There's also Mon Cala, Kinyen, and Sullust.

But more than just "planetary guide book," there's new options for characters as well, including weapons, droids, and ships. There are also three new species that are playable in the book. There's the Polis Massans, the Quarrens (I remember a Quarren Banker I had back in the Star Wars d20 days), and the Verpine. And where there's characters, there's gotta be things for the characters to interact with. That's in the book, too, in the form of four modular encounters that can be dropped ready-made into your game.