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Fantasy Flight Games Releases Rounbound

Well, it's some news from Fantasy Flight Games that's not Star Wars-related. Though, looking at the schedule, we'll have one of those later on today... *cough*
Anyway! Yes! It's new news from Fantasy Flight Games. Runebound, their fantasy board game, is now available at retailers near you and from the FFG webshop.


The game is semi-cooperative, with each player looking to be the one to defeat the horrific evil that has befallen the land. Only one can claim final victory, but the evil isn't picky about who they attack, so if they kill off all the heroes, they will win. Balance must be achieved, then, in trying to build up your own hero while making sure that nobody else gets too far ahead of you, while you all work to keep the various horrors at bay.

Will you become the legendary hero that saves Terrinoth or just a footnote?