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Fantasy Flight Games Releases Mafia: Vandetta Card Game

Another day, another game ported to English. This time it's the supergroup of Fantasy Flight Games and Hobby World as they team up to bring you Mafia: Vandetta, the party card game of murder. The little town of Omerta was no stranger to the occasional murder. But now, it's a daily event. As the citizens try and stay safe and take out the mob, the mob is looking to gain total control.

The game is much like the classic party game, Werewolf. Players are randomly assigned to be Mobsters or Civilians. Each night the Mobsters kill one person in the town. Each day, the Civilians seek revenge by sentencing someone to death. It might be a mobster, it might be a civilian. Nobody's entirely sure. Certain characters have special actions they can do. They just have to be careful, lest they be the next one on the hit list.