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Fantasy Flight Games Releases Free Star Wars RPG Adventure

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginner Game box helps you and your friends get into the Star Wars RPG system from Fantasy Flight Games. It's got everything you need, including a beginning adventure for your players to go on. But what if you've finished that adventure and don't know where to go afterward? What if you're unsure about trying to start another adventure, or picking up other rulebooks? Well, that's where A Call for Heroes can help out. It's a new, free adventure that is designed to be played after the beginning adventure in the Beginner Game box.

During the events of Discovery on Jakku (the encounter from the first box), it's highly likely that your group has made contact with the Resistance, or at the very least have had to deal with the First Order and know they're not to be trusted. Well, the Resistance is putting out a call for new recruits and your group has heard of the invitation.

Like the original adventure, this one's very beginner-friendly, for both players and GM. There's plenty of side-bars to help navigate the GM, and thus the group, though the game. There's also an abridged version of the character classes for those from the first adventure, so your players can advance their characters as they work their way deeper into the setting and rules.

A Call for Heroes is free and available to download now.