Fantasy Flight Games releases Dust Warfare Core Rulebook

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
May 15th, 2012

Let’s try this one again. Fantasy Flight has released the Dust Warfare core rulebook over on their website. They’d posted it up like a week ago, but took it down again. Let’s see if this time it sticks.

From the release:

From the besieged ports of southern England to the frozen wastes of Antarctica, Axis and Allied forces war for the fate of the world. Powerful alien technology and heroic commanders redefine the key battles of World War II in the alternate reality of Dust Warfare. As the global conflict reaches a fever pitch, one brilliant general may decide the war. Will that be you? Heed the call, rally the troops, and delivery your side to victory!

The Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook is now available for online purchase from! Pick up your copy and lead your army to glory on the battlefield.

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  • Osbad

    Lovely jubbly!
    Here’s hoping I can use it with my AT-43 and/or Secrets of the 3rd Reich models.

    • I don’t see why not.

      While I have ordered a whole bunch of DUST tactics figures I am tempted to use some Bolt Action Minis for both forces.

      The book is better than I had expected and the rules have a little more depth than I was expecting (Thank you Andy Chambers).

  • Osbad

    Found a good interview just up on the D6G with Mack Martin. I like their aspirational goals. And with the credibility of the authors (Mack himself is no slouch – the insight he demonstrated on Dice Like Thunder was good, and when you add Alessio and Andy Chambers to the mix….!) this sounds like a good deal.

    So far I’ve just had time to read the fluff, but I’m blocking in time to read the crunchy bits ASAP!