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Fantasy Flight Games releases Deadwood

Fantasy Flight Games, Deadwood is now available at your LGS.

From their website:

Lost in the badlands of the Dakota Territory, the shanty-town of Deadwood is the last place you would think is worth fighting over. But now the railroad is headed that way, and with the iron rails comes the prospect of cold, hard cash. e local cowboys will take advantage, threatening the townsfolk and killing off their rivals as they fi ght to control the town. They have to act quickly, before the Cavalry comes to establish law and order. If there is too much crime, the Cavalry will come sooner, so the scofflaws need a better approach than the old high-noon shootout. One thing is certain: when the railroad finally arrives, the richest man in Deadwood will control everything.

Are you rough enough and tough enough to take over a town before it even gets started? Deadwood, the unruly board game for 2-5 cowboys, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore !

With its quick and deadly twist on classic worker placement games, Deadwood tasks players with using their wits and their guns to control the businesses in town and gain as much money as they can. Threaten townsfolk, take over their shops, and fight duels in the dusty streets. But hurry! When the railroad arrives, the gang with the most money will take control – if they aren’t all gunned down first.