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Fantasy Flight Games Releases Chronicles of the Gatekeeper for Star Wars RPG

Star Wars Games... err, I mean Fantasy Flight Games (that's a joke, kids) has released a new supplement book for their Star Wars RPG. This time it's Chronicles of the Gatekeeper (are you the Key Master?).

What if you had the ability to learn a very important power? What if you could learn to accurately predict what any sentient creature would do? That's almost as good as seeing the future constantly right in front of your face. Just think how easily you could manipulate people if you knew exactly how they would react? What sort of moral questions does that open up for you? These are the questions asked in this new adventure. The players come into possession of an ancient holicron with such knowledge. But it's more than just "read book, gain power." They'll have to travel across the galaxy in order to make this work, and they'll have quite a challenge ahead of them.

You can pick up this new supplement at your LGS or on the Fantasy Flight Games website.