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Fantasy Flight Games Recent Announcements

So, over the weekend, many companies had a lot of announcements about games and expansions they're coming out with. I was able to get photos of many of them. Here, now that Gen Con's over, it's time to post up the website updates for many of them. Fantasy Flight Games certainly had a lot to talk about. They've got a new expansion for the XCOM board game, a bunch of things coming out for Imperial Assault, as well as the next wave of ships for Star Wars Armada.

Starting out, there's a new expansion for the XCOM Board Game on its way. The aliens aren't the only threat to the Earth. The group EXALT is using the chaos and terror of extraterrestrial attack in order to advance their own agenda. This new group is happy to throw wrenches into each of your plans. You'll have to work carefully unless you want this new threat to take over. Thankfully, your scientists have been hard at work. Using the alien substance Meld, the field of biomechanics is advancing in leaps and bounds. These new weapons will be paramount in your struggle against enemies foreign and domestic.

The new Evolution expansion will be out Q4 of this year.

Next up, we head to the desert planet of Tattoine. The notorious crime lord, Jabba the Hutt, wields great power in the sands, power that both the Rebels and Imperials want for themselves. The Jabba's Realm big-box expansion for Imperial Assault brings iconic characters like Gamorean Guards and the Rancor to your tabletop.

This set will hit store shelves in Q4 of this year.

With the release of the big-box expansion comes a quartet of smaller expansions for Imperial Assault. These various hero and villain packs will give you new options for your games. Bring stalwart heroes like Luke Skywalker up against formidable foes like Jabba the Hutt.

These sets are also scheduled for Q4 of this year.

And finally, rounding out the Q4 releases from Fantasy Flight, there's a new wave of Star Wars: Armada ships coming. These new sets include both capital ships as well as various shuttles, fighters, and other escort craft. There's the Phoenix Home, Imperial Light Cruiser, Rebel Fighter Squadrons II, and Imperial Fighter Squadrons II packs coming to help you enhance your fleets.

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