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Fantasy Flight Games provides a look at Natalya and the Matriarchy Trooper Pack

Fantasy Flight Games posts an article which provides a look at Natalya and the Matriarchy Trooper Pack for Tannhauser.

From their site:

The forces of the Matriarchy are set to receive some welcome additions to their ranks. A few weeks ago, we announced the release of the battle-suit clad Natalya , and soon she will be joined by the Matriarchy Troop Pack . With so many new options for creating and arming your Tannhäuser force, let’s take a closer look at some possibilities.

For Matriarchy players, one of the most tantalizing aspects of the new Matriarchy models is the chance to field a more balanced force. Until now, if you played Matriarchy, you had to field Voïvodes. Now you can field a squad with more firepower.

Only the most stalwart and faithful become Boepripacy Soldati. These soldiers have demonstrated in battle that they cannot be deterred by fear. Because of their bravery, they are entrusted with a most sacred duty: ammunition carrier. A Boepripacy Soldat carries a specially locked ammunition case that can only be unlocked by his own key.

The Boepripacy Soldat’s special ability is Supplier, which means he starts the game with four Extra Ammunition tokens he can share with his comrades. With so much ammunition, it’s tempting to use it all quickly, but an extra attack late in the match could be game changing, so use these tokens wisely.

In a support role, the Boepripacy Soldat hands out extra attacks to characters with more powerful weapons, so make sure to keep him close to more offensive models (and make sure they have open inventory slots). Use the Stamina Pack with a First Aid Kit and Smoke Grenade to add more support options, or use the Combat Pack to give the Boepripacy Soldat more ammunition and Judgement of Fire that allows him to make two attacks instead of moving.

The most loyal soldati are allowed to carry the Gnev Bogov Ognemet, a flamethrower that immolates the enemies of the Matriarchy. With this incendiary device strapped to his back the Zazigag Soldat strides into battle, ready to call down the judgement of the Slavic gods.

The flamethrower of the Zazigag Soldat can hit multiple enemies with a well-placed shot. Employ this weapon in hallways and other tight spaces where your opponent’s models are likely to be bunched up. In these situations, you may be able to hit two or even three models with a single flamethrower attack.

All of this trooper’s packs contain the Fireproof Coat and a TT-30 pistol. The Fireproof Coat allows the wearer to ignore the effects of fire and burn tokens, so you can release your inner pyromaniac without fear of injuring yourself. The Combat Pack is a great pairing with the flamethrower, because the Napalm Fuel Reserve allows the flamethrower to attack up the four spaces away rather than three. In the Command Pack, the Tesla Pulse Coil Grenade acts just like a Smoke Grenade, but it places fire tokens instead of smoke tokens. Either of these options create opportunities to start dangerous fires that remain in play, discouraging enemy close combat characters from rushing into combat.

The renowned tinkerer Natalya is so powerful she is classified as an Epic Hero. If you want to include her in your force, your force gets smaller, as she replaces a hero and a trooper. Despite the penalty, she is worth taking a smaller unit to get access to her equipment and abilities.

When equipped with the Combat Pack, Natalya excels in firefights. The Volta Lighting Cannon is capable of hitting two adjacent targets, and she gains an extra attack die from the Power Spike ability. In addition, She has the ability to reroll two failed attack roll dice because of Magoura, a Voïvode inside the lightning cannon.

Natalya is always equipped with the Kostjak Bronka Apparat Suit, which allows her to reroll up to two failed shock rolls. Her Stamina Pack grants an additional die to shock rolls from Titanium Plating. In addition, Natalya can be repaired by herself or a character with the repair ability, allowing her to dial up her health indicator one row. In a force where several models have the repair ability, Natalya can spearhead an attack and soak up damage while her companions make repairs to keep her functional.

Take the Command Pack to get access to Natalya’s Massive ability, which gives allies adjacent to her one extra die when making shock rolls. This means that models repairing her gain a measure of protection while Natalya remains in the fight.

Matriarchy players rejoice! You now have more options for your Tannhäuser forces. Don’t forget, the Matriarcy and Union have struck a uneasy alliance that allows these two forces to work together in the game. Get your Natalya expansion now at your local retailer. While you’re there, pre-order your Matriarchy Troop Pack, which will be available in the coming weeks.