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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Yellow Villains From Spirit of Rebellion

There's a lot of shady characters out there. Some are just "more out for themselves than anyone else," while others are downright evil (or were programmed that way). They use all sorts of underhanded tactics in order to get ahead. In Star Wars: Destiny, this translates to many surprises for your opponent or tough choices during combat. Get a look at some of the villainous yellow cards in this preview.

From the post:

Throughout the Star Wars galaxy, the Spirit of Rebellion has inspired scoundrels to take up arms and join the fight against evil empires that would bring these outlaws to their knees. But some rogues simply aren’t interested in the fight; some are far more interested in survival and, of course, credits. For these ruffians, the Spirit of Rebellion doesn’t guide them towards the light, but to the darkness, where they can hide in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Today, we’re looking at the Yellow Villains of Star Wars™: Destiny’s newest set of booster packs, Spirit of Rebellion. Like their hero counterparts, these rogues rely less on pure strength and more on tricky events and powerful upgrades to supplement their arsenals.