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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Yellow Cards From Empire at War

The color yellow, at least in certain cultures, has often been associated with being cowardly. "What are ya, yellah?" is something you've possibly heard in some old western movie. But the yellow cards in Star Wars: Destiny are hardly a bunch of cowards. Empire at War proves that with a bunch of new cards coming out in that color, of which they have posted a preview here.

From the preview:

No one profits more from an Empire at War than the scum and scoundrels of the Star Wars™ galaxy. While other heroes and villains fight on the front lines, scoundrels scrape by with their wits and tricks to ensure they come out on top.

Today we’re previewing the Yellow heroes and villains of Empire at War, the new set of boosters for Star Wars: Destiny. Yellow characters use efficient events and overflowing resources to overwhelm their enemies with tricks and traps in the epic duels of Star Wars: Destiny.