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Fantasy Flight Games Previews X-Wing Wave 8 Releases

We got to see these new ships while at Gen Con. Fantasy Flight has since posted them up on their website. Though the page has been down the past couple days. Seems the issue has been fixed, and now we can get a deeper look into what we can expect for the 8th wave of ships for X-Wing.

In this wave, the Rebels and the Empire get one new ship each, while Scum & Villainy gets two. Well... that's not entirely true. The Rebels get more than one, but they're like the Hound's Tooth from last release, where you get a big ship with a little one in tow. That comes in the form of the Ghost. Imperials go a-hunting with their new Inquisitor's TIE. Finally, another pair of bounty hunters get their ships added to the game with the Mist Hunter and the Punishing One.

Expect these ships on store shelves in the 4th quarter of 2015. And stay tuned for previews of the individual ships as they're posted.