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Fantasy Flight Games previews Wiz-War

Fantasy Flight Games previews the new transformation spells and alternate miniatures in Wiz-War.

From their site:

Pop quiz, aspiring wizard! What do you do when all the ferocious balls of fire you fling fail to rout your rival mages?

Do you:

Stubbornly cling to your favored attack and fling more balls of fiery doom?
Counter the counter that countered the counter that countered your fireball?
Turn invisible?
Grow some fangs, a thick hide of fur, and launch yourself at your rival in feral fury?
If you answered 4, then you may be ready to tackle the new transformation spells developed by the master mages responsible for the magical mayhem of Wiz-War, the classic board game for 2-4 players.

Fantastic transformations

Fantasy Flight Games’ Wiz-War is nearly here, and one of the game’s new enhancements of which we’re particularly proud is the addition of schools of magic, including the Mutation school, wherein you’ll find a number of spells to manipulate, mutate, and otherwise master your physical form. While all the game’s new mutations offer tremendous power, they also all have weaknesses, and no wizard can wear more than one mutation at a time.

Along with these new shape-shifting spells, Wiz-War offers players five plastic transformed wizard figures, one for each transfigured state. Any wizard who transforms himself into the form of a Big Man, Golem, Gnome, Slime, or Werewolf replaces his wizard figure on the map with the figure for the assumed alternate form.

New shapes for every situation

But why would you want to change your shape? After all, you’re a powerful wizard with both hygiene and magic to maintain your dapper good looks!

Mutations can provide significant sustained advantages, increasing your movement rate, decreasing the damage you take, allowing you to evade damage altogether, and more. Most mutations are temporary, meaning you can maintain them (at the cost of a card slot from your hand) as long as they have energy remaining. In turn, this means the advantages your altered forms grant you last longer than the instant zap of a lightning blast or brilliant burst of a fireball.

Meanwhile, a true shape-shifting mutations master learns to measure and balance his spells’ needs for energy against the benefits of maintaining any mutation. How long do you really need extra arms? Or the tough hide of a giant golem? Or the bestial brawn of a big man? How much will you need your energy for an elemental blast a few moments later? A master of mutation must consider these questions.

Classic roots, exciting enhancements

While Wiz-War remains true to its roots as a light-hearted and imaginative game in which wizards can cast fireballs, create rose bushes from thin air, and manipulate gravity, these new mutation spells are one of the ways by which Fantasy Flight Games has enhanced the play experience.

Wiz-War is nearly here! For now, study your spellbooks, young mages, and keep an eye toward our crystal ball (website) for future updates.