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Fantasy Flight Games previews Wave 4 X-Wing Ships

Fantasy Flight Games has posted up the Wave 4 ships they'll be coming out for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game.
Get ready for the Suicide Sleds.


From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce four upcoming X-Wing™ starships!

In the game’s fourth wave of starship expansions, you’ll find exciting technological advances and a host of upgrades for your fleets. You’ll also gain the opportunity to fly four of the most recognizable starships from the expanded Star Wars universe: the Z-95 Headhunter, TIE defender, E-wing, and TIE phantom!

X-Wing is firmly rooted in its core principles of dramatic space dogfights. Now, after the last two waves of starship expansions have added light freighters, transport vessels, and bombers to the game’s high-energy battles, this fourth wave of starship expansions once again features four dedicated dogfighters.