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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Upsilon-Class Shuttle for X-Wing

That title might not sound all that thrilling. "Oooh, a shuttle. What fun... not!" Because, let's face it, very few people come to the Star Wars universe to look at the shuttles. They're not as glitzy or glamorous as the starfighters. But they certainly do still have their part to play in the overall narrative, shuttling important players around. So while the Upsilon-Class Shuttle might not be the flashiest ship in your X-Wing squadron, it can still play a vital role, as we see in this preview of its set from Fantasy Flight Games.

The set will add in some more Conditions to the game, which are new for Wave X. They're not upgrades or such like that which are assigned at the start of the game. They, instead, stay in reserve and are put in play when a certain trigger happens. Fanatical Devotion lets you make sure a hit gets through to your opponent's ship when you need it. Meanwhile, I'll Show You The Dark Side makes it so when you get that critical, you get exactly the effect you want on the enemy ship. Certainly a couple of rather handy abilities to have.