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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Toydarian Hutt Kajidics in Ghosts of Dathomir

As we've seen, considering what happened to Han Solo, it's best to not get on the bad side of a powerful Hutt... or the Empire... and especially don't get on the bad side of both. However, when a force statue has gone missing, and everyone seems to be searching for it, you just might end up making one or both of those groups mad. In this preview of Goths of Dathomir, Fantasy Flight Games takes a look at the Toydarian Hutt Kajidics that are on the planet, so you can at least go in with a bit of information.


From the preview:

Ghosts of Dathomir casts you deep into the criminal underworld searching for a Force artifact and a Hutt asset; you could build alliances with powerful crime bosses or create lifelong enemies on your hunt for Tragic Hope and Walisi. Today's preview offers a quick look at the Gorensla Hutt kajidic to keep you from entering Toydarian space completely unprepared.