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Fantasy Flight Games Previews TIE Silencer for X-Wing

The ubiquitous starfighter for the Empire is the TIE. The standard form is almost entirely convertible into new forms. There's many different varieties out there because of it. This has gone forward into the new era as the New Order continues to use TIE variants. One preferred by Kylo Ren is the TIE Silencer. Soon, you'll be able to hit the skies with this ship. But so you can see the specs before you enter the furball, here's a preview.

From the post:

The best way to survive enemy fire is to avoid it entirely. Stalk your prey from a distance and come in fast. Race through their blind spot—and gun them down at point-blank range before they ever fire a shot.

Here, a pilot's talent and natural instinct go a long way, but so do the speed and agility of the ship he or she is flying. And there are times when even the galaxy's greatest pilots may find it difficult to surprise their foes—at those times, it helps to have a sturdy hull and shields.

Tech, talent, speed, agility, hull, shields, and firepower—this is the magical alchemy that allows a starfighter pilot to grow old and become a living legend. It's also the magical formula behind the design of the TIE Silencer Expansion Pack for X-Wing™!