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Fantasy Flight Games Previews TIE Punisher Expansion Pack

I've always been a fan of heavy ordinance. A-10 Warthogs have been my favorite military aircraft for decades (I even had the G.I. Joe version when I was a kid). So when you see the TIE Bomber for those few seconds in Empire Strikes Back, those became my favorite couple of seconds. Well, little did I know that the expanded universe would take my beloved TIE Bomber and roid it up to the TIE Punisher. Well, that beast is going to be making it way to X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games in the next expansion wave.


The new TIE can certainly bring the bang. You can equip it with two torpedoes, two missiles, and two bombs. And, of course, with Extra Munitions, you can have even more of those on board. That's a potential of 12 attacks, total, with all that ordinance. For those that like secondary weapons and things that go "boom" (yes, I know, in the vacuum of space, there are no sounds, but this is a minis game we're talking about), this might just be the ship for you.