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Fantasy Flight Games Previews TIE Fighter From New Force Awakens X-Wing Starter

Yesterday we got a look at some of the new features for the X-Wing in the Force Awakens set for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. Today, Fantasy Flight gives us a look at what will be opposing the new T-70 fighters. As before, these new TIEs are more than simple repaints. there's some new options available for them as well.

The biggest change you'll notice on the regular cards is the addition of the "Targeting Computer" icon on all the fighters. This, alone, will change up what options you have for your ships. But it doesn't stop at the Action phase. As you can also see on the maneuver dial, there's a new icon there. That's the Segnor's Loop action. It lets you perform a turn, as well as turn your facing around. Quite a handy trick, as it lets you flip facing but move in more than just the standard straight line.

Were you one of the people that picked up the new set last Friday? If so, what have been your thoughts on the new ships and upgrades? I'm sure a lot of people here would love to hear about your experience.