Fantasy Flight Games Previews TIE Defender Upgrades From Imperial Veterans Set

Well, we've seen what the TIE Bomber upgrades look like in the upcoming Imperial Veterans box for X-Wing. This time around it's shining a light on the upgrades for the TIE Defender. The first thing you'll notice is the dashing new paint job. Rather stunning in its red coloring.

There's a whole ton of upgrades they talk about in the article, but I'll focus on just these two for a bit. They're the new Title cards. They, out of anything, really can change up how your Defenders work on the table. First there's the TIE/X7 Title. Your Defender loses its weapons upgrade ability, however, you get to assign an Evade token to your ship whenever you make a 3, 4, or 5 speed maneuver. It also costs -2 points. That is to say, it makes your ship cheaper. You can use those points to buy other upgrades for your ships, or even upgrade whole ships to a better pilot. As for the TIE/D upgrade, it doesn't cost any points and can basically double the offensive power of your ship. When you have the Title and fire with a laser cannon that costs 3 or fewer points, after you do so, you can make an attack with your primary weapon. Offensive powerhouse, indeed.