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Fantasy Flight Games Previews TIE Advanced from Imperial Raider pack

Fantasy Flight Games is showing off another part of the upcoming Imperial Raider pack. While the big ship might draw most of the attention, there's still that little TIE Advanced inside. The Imperial Raider might only be useable in certain cases, any game of X-Wing can have the new TIE Advanced used in it. Fantasy Flight gives us a look at what new upgrade cards come with the set.

From the preview:

In our last preview of the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack, we looked at what its huge Raider-class corvette adds to X-Wing™ and its Epic Play battles. We explored its uses for energy, the ways that it can maneuver to line up devastating volleys of laser blasts against unwary opponents, and we looked at a few of the officers and other upgrades that allow you to customize your use of the Raider within your Imperial fleet. Today, however, we turn our attention toward the other starship in the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack, the miniature TIE Advanced that comes with a new variant paint scheme, six ship cards, and four copies each of two potent upgrades that will redefine this fighter in battle!

Moreover, the variant TIE Advanced that comes in this expansion is legal for X-Wing Standard Play and tournament play, as are its ship cards and a host of the expansion's upgrades.
Redefining the TIE Advanced

Designed as a potential replacement for the TIE fighter, the TIE Advanced features shielding, a hyperdrive, and an advanced targeting system designed to overcome the resistance offered by electronic jammers. However, the fighter's targeting system often required adjustments in the heat of battle, its various upgrades made it slightly less maneuverable than the TIE fighter, and its higher production costs kept it out of widespread use. Instead, the TIE Advanced was only ever flown by the Empire's very best pilots.

For those pilots, though, the TIE Advanced may very likely have proven the difference between life and death. Even Darth Vader, one of the galaxy's greatest pilots, was nearly destroyed during the Rebellion's attack on the first Death Star when his Black Squadron wingmate crashed into him after taking fire from the Millennium Falcon. Although the impact would have likely destroyed a TIE fighter, Vader's TIE Advanced held intact, and the Dark Lord of the Sith continued to serve the Emperor for years to come.

In X-Wing, as in Star Wars, the TIE Advanced is a ship that's best reserved for the Empire's best pilots, and the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack introduces four more of these aces, as well as a pair upgrades that boost the ship's impact in battle, the TIE x1 Title and Advanced Targeting Computer .