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Fantasy Flight Games Previews The Wars to Come For the Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne Board Game

The land of Westeros is full of intrigue. Alliances are forming, breaking, and shifting all the time. What might be your friends one day can turn into your enemies the next. Staying ahead of any plots against you is key. In The Wars to Come, a new expansion coming for the Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne board game, there's plenty of new options for both you and your opponents in order to move forward your various plots. Fantasy Flight Games has posted up a preview of just what you can expect to be lurking in the shadows.

From the post:

With all of its battles, alliances, betrayals, and mind games, The Iron Throne board game makes it easy for you and your friends to imagine yourselves within the world of HBO's hit television series, Game of Thrones. You command one of the Great Houses. Your friends control others. All of you seek power. But there's only one Iron Throne.

Inevitably… invariably… your tensions lead to conflicts. Alliances are brokered—then shattered upon the altar of convenience. And yet your struggles remain consistently unpredictable. Yes, you can expect your friend to betray you, but when? What will be the tipping point? So long as you share a common coal, your friends in House Tyrell are bound to support you, right? So long as you treat the Starks fairly, shouldn't you expect them to repay you in kind?

The Iron Throne encourages all manner of deadly twists. Someone is always hatching a new intrigue. Someone else is always waiting to make the clever play of a House card and emerge victorious from his or her next conflict. And all of these desperate and secretive strategies are soon to get a massive boost from The Wars to Come expansion.

Not only does The Wars to Come introduce the two Great Houses we reviewed in our earlier previews—House Greyjoy and House Martell—it also offers you the chance to populate your games with twenty-five of the most iconic and notorious allies in Essos and the Seven Kingdoms.

Petyr Baelish , Varys , Jon Snow , Ygritte , Mance Rayder , Daario Naharis , Missandei , and Brienne of Tarth —they're all here, plus many more. And when you play with the expansion's optional ally rules, these characters infuse your struggles with even more unpredictability, chaos, and opportunity.