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Fantasy Flight Games Previews The T-70 Upgrades From Heroes of the Resistance

I really should get around to watching The Force Awakens at some point. Then I can see what all the fuss is about with these new cards for the X-Wing Miniatures Game coming in Heroes of the Resistance. We've seen what sort of things are designed for the Falcon (though you can use some of the cards with other ships, like the crew and upgrades). This time around, we get a look at what goes with the T-70.

As you can see, there's four new pilot cards to pick from. You've got a new version of Poe Dameron. Then there's Nein Numb (who used to pal around inside the Falcon, so interesting juxtaposition there). And then there's "Snap" Wexley (who can seemingly end up anywhere on the board). Finally, you've got Jess Pava, who works best in the middle of a group of friends (sort of the Rebel version of Howlrunner). That's just the beginning, of course, because there's also new upgrades for your ships. As always a new release can have an effect on just about anyone's fleet, not matter what faction they play.