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Fantasy Flight Games previews the rules for aircraft in Dust Tactics

Fantasy Flight Games posts a preview article with the rules for the new aircraft in Dust Tactics.

From their article:

The city is a war zone. More Axis troops arrive each day, fighting for control of every destroyed building or pile of rubble that might grant some cover. The Soviets are dug in; they survived Stalingrad and have firsthand experience with urban combat. Massive Allied offensives are launched regularly from the city’s eastern shores, sending fresh troops straight to the front line... or what remains of it.

As the battle for Zverograd grows more desperate, the entrenched forces of the SSU exploit any advantage they can find. One such advantage is their stable of dynamic aircraft that operate at engagement range with enemy infantry. Surely, the SSU’s dominance of the air is temporary, as the other blocs are likely to respond to this threat as quickly as possible.

Today, we look more closely at the rules for aircraft in Dust Tactics. These deadly units swoop onto the battlefield, quickly providing support to wherever it’s needed most. You’ll find rules governing this exciting vehicle type inside the upcoming Operation “Zverograd.”

The rules of engagement

The benefits of aircraft are many. These units have unparalleled line of sight on the battlefield and can ignore terrain that slows down or completely impedes ground units. Aircraft can also soar above any ground unit to quickly make it to the target. These advantages make aircraft deadly, as they have superior maneuverability compared to other units.

This swiftness does come at a cost, though. Aircraft cannot hide from ground units, making them susceptible to anti-aircraft fire, so commanders must always be aware of dangerous AA guns that bring down aircraft with ease. Also, since airborne units must constantly be moving, they cannot focus on a target to make sustained attacks like ground units.

Brief yourself with the Dust Tactics aircraft rules (pdf, 488KB). Prepare to deliver punishment from above when Operation “Zverograd” and the first wave of SSU expansions, including the SSU Airborne Transport, arrive.

The Red Tide is rising

Take your Dust Tactics battles to the skies with Operation “Zverograd,” which will be available in the second quarter of 2012! Remember, many of the SSU units, like the Airborne Transport, release the same day as Operation “Zverograd,” so you can start building and fielding your SSU force immediately.

If you missed the last preview, check out Exploring the Doomed City, and come back soon for the next Operation “Zverograd” preview. In the meanwhile, pre-order this exciting campaign expansion from your retailer today.