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Fantasy Flight Games Previews The Mountains Rise Adventure Pack For Runebound

Even with just the main box set, Runebound offers a lot of replayability, what with all the different quests that can come up at different times, the different heroes you can be, and the different pieces of equipment you can buy. But, if you're like me, you want even more variance. That's where the various expansions come in. The Mountains Rise is one that you can integrate with any scenario you choose to play. And it's that set we get a preview of today.


So, what all do you get? There's twenty new asset cards, ten new skill cards, and five new adventures for each of the three adventure decks that you can go on. However, what I'm sure a lot of people are looking forward to, is a new hero they can choose to represent them in the world of Terrinoth. Being a barbarian (by choice, actually, having been born a noble), he's the character to choose if you're all about combat. His skills deal with combat, and he has a new Charge symbol on his card. It's pretty straight-forward, in that you can deal unblockable damage to your opponent. However, for every reward, there's a risk. That risk is that you can't block any damage, yourself. But hey, if you've cut your opponent in half, that's not so much a worry.

We're almost to the release of this set. You can pick it up September 1st.