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Fantasy Flight Games Previews The Monsters in The Chains That Rust

Terrinoth's Mistlands aren't someplace many people go to vacation. You're not going to see travel agents selling holiday package deals to visit it. I'd go out on a limb and say that's mostly because of all the undead who would be all too happy to add you to their skeletal and ghost army. It's just such denizens that we get a look at today in this preview from Fantasy Flight Games.


So, what sort of undead can you find? Well, there's things like the Dispossessed. That's when a whole bunch of weaker spirits band together and become a single, swirling mass of undead hate. And while that might seem awful, there are even worse things. Though they're not always dead. Necromancers have long fiddled with the balance between life and death and the Marrow Priests are just that sort of spellcaster. With such an intimate knowledge of death, they're actually quite hardy, even if they, themselves, don't really fear death's embrace.