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Fantasy Flight Games Previews The Gilded Blade Expansion for Runebound

Big, adventure board games like Runebound offer an entire day's worth of gaming in a single package. There's quite a bit of replayability right in the box, what with all the different heroes, equipment, and skills you can choose from. But any game, if played often enough, can start to feel a bit stale. That's when a little newness injection, in the form of an expansion, can really bring a game back to life. Fantasy Flight Games is coming out with two expansions soon for the game. The Gilded Blade, the first Adventure Pack expansion, is what we get a look at today.


No matter what scenario you choose to play in Runebound, you can use the pieces and cards found in The Gilded Blade. What sort of things are there? Well, for starters, there's a whole new hero you can play, complete with mini and stat card. That would be the Red Scorpion. She not only offers a new hero, but also a new combat symbol. The Tactics symbol lets you copy any other symbol currently showing in combat, even if it's on one of your opponent's pieces. Rather flexible that way.

Along with the hero, there's plenty of new gear, new assets, new skills, and new adventures for your characters to go on. Simply shuffle the cards into the respective decks and you've got a new experience waiting to be found.

This new set will be available in August. But you can also pick up your copy at the Fantasy Flight booth at Gen Con.